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Introducing ‘Saved Charts’ feature on FYERS Web!

We are the first broker in India to implement the ‘Saved Charts dashboard‘ feature which allows you to keep track of all the saved screenshots on the trading platform. The repository of charts can be very useful to record observations and reference them at a future date. This feature is especially useful for active traders who are constantly analyzing the market using charting tools, drawings, and by writing notes on charts.

Here are some features:

  1. When you save a screenshot using the ‘Camera Icon’ it gets saved on the save charts dashboard automatically.
  2. You can access the saved charts dashboard on the top-menu of FYERS Web.
  3. You can up to 1000 charts/screenshots with timestamps.
  4. You can pop-out charts in new tabs.
  5. Refresh the page to load the most recent saved items.

We hope this helps make trading more convenient for you.



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