Introducing Enhanced Charting on FYERS Web 1.5 (Beta)

Introducing Enhanced Charting on FYERS Web 1.5 (Beta)

Feature Update
14 July '2023
6:00 PM

We are excited to announce the release of Web 1.5 Beta, a major upgrade to our charting platform. This release includes a number of new features and improvements that will make it easier for you to analyze the markets and make informed trading decisions.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Custom timeframes up to 240 minutes
  • New chart types, including columns, line with markers, step line, HLC Area, and High Low
  • Market open/closed status on the chart
  • Buy/Sell icon on the layout
  • Turn On/Off auto closure of order window (Sticky order window)
  • Quick switching on the Option Chain
  • Export tab data
  • Added stickers/emojis to the drawing tool
  • Global products menu on the layout
  • Add Accelerator Oscillator indicator
  • Import/Export Watchlist
  • Drag to rearrange the order of columns
  • Context menu on the watchlist
  • Displaying "Funds Available" on the dashboard
  • Enable/disable positions on the chart
  • Introducing vertical scroll on price scale
  • The right bar stays on the scroll
  • Adding top menu bar and side drawing toolbar in full-screen mode
  • Apply volume profile on a fixed range
  • Show + button on cursor by hotkey
  • Indicators can now be favorited
  • Pinch scale -zoom in/out chart on touch-sensitive devices
  • Added a middle band for the RSI indicator
  • Add new checkboxes for price range in Info Line drawing box
  • Added 2 settings in line tools context menu: Percent change & Change in pips
  • Take snapshots (save charts) with drawings, emojis, stickers, and position line
  • Order slicing feature for placing orders over and above the freeze quantities.

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Compatibility mode for older browsers and non-standard browsers
  • An enhanced approach to show invalid symbols on the chart
  • New menu icons on the top menu bar
  • Lock visible time range
  • Study Ichimoku has been modified with some inputs & style properties renamed
  • The average close price line is now masked by default in Chart settings and can be shown by using the show_average_close_price_line_and_label feature set
  • A new feature set has been added, use_last_visible_bar_value_in_legend, to show the most recent “global” bar value
  • A new feature set has been added, show_percent_option_for_right_margin, which adds an additional percentage option to the right margin section of the chart settings dialog
  • Drawing icon is now more prominent
  • Updates related to the info line drawing tool
  • Confirm overwrite if the same layout name exists
  • Chart navigation buttons have a slightly new design
  • Volume profile indicators and VP drawings are now located above the main series
  • The chart type won't change when restoring the default options
  • Undo/Redo buttons are now relocated next to the save button

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