Robust desktop trading platform, with advanced
analytical tools.

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F&O Analysis


Advanced EOD

Great Features Built for Trading

A wealth of features designed for the
user's advantage.

Heat Map, Market
Dynamics, & Index Meter

Get clarity on the market-wide movements and trends.

Portfolio Simulation

Track all your equity investments in one place and build a simulated portfolio.

Flexible Workspaces

Ten intuitive and uniquely styled customizable workspaces.

Technical Screeners

Inbuilt stock screeners to gauge the trend, intraday movements, support and resistance levels, circuit breakers, etc.

What Else Do We Offer

Market 360 Degrees

Market data on equity,
commodities, currencies, &

Knowledge First

Exchange announcements &
updates on upcoming board meetings.

Full Overview

Latest & historic market
turnover in equity & derivatives.

Resourceful Data

FII & DII data, newest bulk deals, block deals, and delivery data.