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Strategy Tester

Use historical data to test various strategies and make your trading decisions confidently.

Pine Script

Create and share your own
indicators and strategies with
fewer lines of code.

Responsive Order Panel

Examine the best entry
and exit points to reduce

Live News Stream

Stay on top of important
updates from leading
media sources.

Exceptional Charts

Trade with highly interactive 15+
chart types, 100+ indicators and
50+ drawing tools.

No more Dubious Predictions

Join TradingView community of traders
and investors to learn and share your
knowledge and keep yourself informed.

FYERS, TradingView &You

The best team for your trading.

The World’s Leading Сharts

Do trades with cutting-edge drawing tools and a wide range of indicators.

Low cost and Transparent

Zero brokerage equity delivery and max ₹20 across all other segments.

Stock Screener

Discover stocks to trade based on your search criteria.

Unmissable Trading Alerts

You will get notified about potentially valuable trades. You won't miss it.

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After log in to your TradingView
account, select charts then TradingPanel. Choose FYERS and
click connect.



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You'll receive a notification to
connect your FYERS trading account
to TradingView. Embrace the power
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