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Fyers App: Stability & Speed

A fast, reliable trading experience with enhanced features, quick order execution, and intuitive navigation.

Smart Exit Alert

An alert based system to manage your trading risks at account-level.

Good Till Triggered (GTT)

Enhance F&O trading with GTT orders - precision execution, no constant monitoring needed.

TradingView Charts

Experience the world's top charting library, blending power with user-friendly design.

Watchlist-specific News

Stay up-to-date with real-time news updates tailored to your watchlist.

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Enjoy Charts on Your TV
for a Better, Bigger View!

Connect to Many TVs

Link your app to multiple TVs for simultaneous viewing and
easily switch between multiple devices for a seamless experience.

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The Fast Track to Smarter
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Explore markets with diverse screeners: Price & Volume, Options, and more.


360° analysis of stocks to enable you with informed trading decisions.

Market Movements

Switch effortlessly between global and Indian market indices: get insights into market trends.

Breaking News

Know your breaking stories before the next price break-out.

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WEB 1.5

Supercharge Your
Trading Experience!

Custom Time Frame

Trade on your terms with custom time frames from 1 to 240 mins.

Analyze Price Action

New chart types such as Columns, Step line, and more to analyze price actions more closely.

Sticky Order Window

Keep the order window open for uninterrupted order placement.

Quick Switching on the Option Chain

Trade effortlessly with quick access to popular option chains under option chain search.

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