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Advanced Charts

Get the most advanced charting platform with 70+ indicators, 300+ interactive icons, dozens of drawing tools and historical EOD data of 20+ years, all on the web!


Price Ladder Trading

Price Ladder Trading is a game-changer for intraday traders! You can now visualize price action before punching orders!

Trade From The Chart

You no longer have to check your order book. Place, modify, cancel and monitor orders from the charts!

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Multi-Chart Setup

Track up to 8 different charts simultaneously. You can load different symbols on each of them or the same with various indicators and timeframes.

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Simple User Interface

Fyers Web is designed to be a powerful trading terminal without compromising on simplicity and ease of use!


Intuitive Dashboard

Track your open positions and orders separately for quick and easy access. It enables swift decision making when you need it the most.

Our powerful charting platform is powered by Tradingview Inc.

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