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You are a few steps closer to professionals with Fyers One which is probably the best trading platform in India. Our game-changing trading terminal will help you see the markets from a much better angle. It is the only platform which gives a winning edge to technical traders and fundamental investors. A few of the powerful functionalities are described below in brief:

Advanced Charting

Highly advanced charting with historical EOD data of up-to 10+ years and intraday of up-to 30 days (1 min & 5 min). Use more than 60 technical indicators and other cool features which will add the third dimension to your analysis and decision making. Ours is the only platform to provide intraday charts for indices.


Technical Screeners

Use inbuilt stock screeners to gauge the trend, intraday movements, support and resistance levels, circuit breakers, etc. If used correctly, it can be an excellent resource for profitable opportunities.

Think Speed, Think Derivatives

There is a need for speed in decision making when it comes to futures and options. The “FnO Analysis” tools are the much-needed turbo boost for the informed trader.


Time Is Money

Feel the pulse of the market using our advanced “Heat Map, Market Dynamics, and Index Meter.” During the rush hours, this can be your savior and reduce the time taken to track market movements to virtually zero. It can elevate your trading experience to a whole new level.


Stock Screeners

“Opportunity finder” the first of its kind fundamental screener. The market mechanism can be overwhelming enough to put you out of focus. This tool helps to get back on track, filter and research stocks according to your preferences before you trade.

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Market 360 Degrees

With a click of the mouse, you can get the world market data on equity indices, commodities, currencies, and ADRs. With Fyers One, you will be spending time analyzing data rather than searching for it.

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Full Overview

Get the latest and historic market turnover in equity and derivatives. You can also use data such as Indices and maps, performance table, R&S Levels, etc. to help you make well-informed decisions.


Resourceful Data

Tired of visiting different websites for the latest data? Here you can access the recent trends in FII & DII Activities, track the newest bulk deals, block deals, and delivery data. You can also keep a track on latest key RBI Rates and recent IPO stock performances.


Knowledge First

Get real-time exchange announcements and updates on upcoming board meetings of companies. “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”


Advanced EOD Reports

No number crunching after the market hours. Find all EOD reports and analysis at your fingertips.

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Portfolio Simulation

“Portfolio Tracker” is a tool designed for two purposes. To help track all your equity investments in one place and to build a simulated portfolio to learn without having to pay any tuition fees to the market.


Flexible Workspaces

Ten intuitive and uniquely styled customizable workspaces. You also have watch lists set by sectors, indices, derivatives and user-defined settings.

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