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Trading Psychology

Module Overview

In this module, we will discuss various aspects relating to trading psychology. We shall talk about the basics of trading psychology and why it is such a critical aspect of trading, some of the common emotions and biases that traders face, how to control these emotions and overcome these biases, how to gain control of your mind and body, and then conclude by talking about some guidelines and suggestions pertaining to psychology.


1. Emotions that Traders Face

6 Lessons

In this introductory chapter, we will introduce the subject of trading psychology and talk about the various emotions that traders face when trading.

2. Trading Biases - Part 1

5 Lessons

In this chapter, we will talk about some of the most common biases that traders exhibit when trading and how to overcome these biases.

3. Trading Biases - Part 2

4 Lessons

In the last chapter, we introduced the concept of trading biases and spoke about confirmation bias, self-attribution bias, anchoring, and gambler’s fallacy. In this chapter, we will speak about some of the other common biases that traders face when trading.