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Exchange Timings and Holidays

Learn about commodity market timings by segment and the the declared market holidays.

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Exchange timings

MCX timings

Marker regulator SEBI recently allowed MCX to extend the trade timings. The extended trade timings (based on IST) for commodities traded on the MCX are as follows:

  • For internationally referenceable non-Agricultural commodities: 9AM to 11.30PM/11.55 PM

  • For Agricultural commodities: 9AM to 5PM

  • For internationally referenceable Agricultural commodities: 9AM to 9PM

Note above that in case of internationally referenceable non-Agricultural commodities, the closing timing is extended from 11.30PM to 11.55PM on account of a shift in Day Light Savings (DST). This usually falls between November and March each year. The exact dates for the change in timings to become effective are notified by the exchange a few days before the change in DST.

NCDEX timings

The trade timings of NCDEX are as mentioned below:

  • For internationally referenceable Agricultural commodities: 10AM to 9PM/9.30PM

  • For all other commodities: 10AM to 5PM

Note above that in case of internationally referenceable Agricultural commodities, the closing timing is extended from 9.00PM to 9.30PM on account of a shift in DST.


Both MCX and NCDEX are open for trading on weekdays only i.e. from Monday to Friday. The exchanges remain closed for trading on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

For agricultural commodities, we can see that the MCX remains open for trading longer than the NCDEX does, as it opens an hour earlier than the NCDEX.


Exchange holidays

Given the extended trading hours of commodity exchanges, the trade timings are divided into two parts. One is the morning session, which is from 9AM to 5PM; and the other is the evening session, which is from 5PM till the end of trading hours. Below mentioned is the list of event days when the MCX and NCDEX remain closed for the morning session or the evening session or both.


MCX Holiday Calendar NCDEX Holiday Calendar
Particulars Morning session Evening session Morning session Evening session
New Year Day Open Closed Open Closed
Maha Shivratri Closed Open Closed Closed
Holi Closed Open Closed Closed
Mahavir Jayanti Closed Open Closed Closed
Good Friday Closed Closed Closed Closed
Maharashtra Day Closed Open Closed Closed
Ramzan Id Closed Open Closed Closed
Bakri Id Closed Open Closed Closed
Independence Day Closed Closed Closed Closed
Ganesh Chaturti Closed Open Closed Closed
Moharram Closed Open Closed Closed
Gandhi Jayanti Closed Closed Closed Closed
Dassera Closed Open Closed Closed
Diwali Closed Open Closed Closed
Guru Nanak Jayanti Closed Open Closed Closed
Christmas Closed Closed Closed Closed

Kindly note that the holidays mentioned above are for the current year (2019) and may change in the future. To stay up to date, we suggest you visit our HolidayCalendar periodically. Alternatively, one can also refer to the circulars that are released by the MCX and the NCDEX from time to time regarding market holidays.



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