Terms and Conditions for API Bridge Usage

The following are terms of a legal agreement between you and Fyers.

1) Mandatory Acceptance

By using Fyers API Bridge, you need to accept our Terms and Conditions as given below. If you do not accept the following Terms & Conditions, you are prohibited to use Fyers API Bridge. This agreement shall not be invalidated solely on the grounds that it is not physically or digitally signed.

2) General Information (API)

You should be fully aware of and understand the risks associated with availing services of an Application Programming Interface (API). The API may be used for placing orders, modifying orders, retrieving account information and so on. Your use of an API is bound by various norms and regulations stipulated by exchanges and regulatory authorities.

3) General Information (Fyers API Bridge)

The Fyers API Bridge provides User Interface (UI) to manage API functionality for order management and trade management. Fyers API Bridge offers several risk management controls such as MaxOrdersPerMinute, MaxTradesPerDay, MaxOrderQuantity, MaxSymPos among others. You are advised to trade only after full understanding of the UI controls in Fyers API Bridge.

4) No guarantees or warranties

You should be aware that using API service with Fyers API Bridge involves many uncertain factors and complex hardware, software, systems, communication lines, peripherals etc. The Member Broker and/or Exchange does not make any commitment, warranty or promises that this API service will be available to you at all times without any interruption/fail.

5) Limitation of Liability

You should carefully consider whether this API based trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition or otherwise. Member FYERS Securities shall not be responsible for lost profits, revenues, or data; financial losses; or indirect, special, consequential, exemplary, or punitive damages. You are hereby informed, and by proceeding to trade duly acknowledge and accept that there can be no guarantee of profits or no exception from losses while executing orders by using the API Facility. All trades are subject to market risk and are to your trading account.

6) Confidentiality

Confidential information including credentials (such as passwords, API keys and secrets, and Client IDs) and order history (details of orders submitted, modified, cancelled) are intended to be used only by you. This confidential information is stored on your local computer only, and not accessible to your Software Vendor. FYERS and Algoji may have access to diagnostic information related to application crash or performance issues which is used for betterment of API Bridge.

7) Trade Authorization

All trades placed via API shall be manually authorized by you. You acknowledge to manually login and supervise all trades via API.

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