Do I need to pay DP charges for BTST transactions?

Earlier, we didn’t levy DP charges for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) trades. However, with effect from 19th July 2021, DP charges will be levied on the BTST transactions due to the change in the settlement process. Let us understand the impact of the changes in the settlement process and […]

What is Virtual Block?

Virtual Block is the amount of funds blocked due to any of the following reasons: Mutual Funds Buy/Sell pending for settlement; Interest charged on the debit (negative) balance in your trading account (refer to this article). For more details, Contact Us.

Can I buy and sell Far OTM Options in FYERS?

Yes, We provide you a wider strike price range for options trading and you can Buy/Sell Far Out of The Money (OTM) Options Contracts. Options Buying Index Options – You can Buy OTM Options upto a range of 20% from the LTP. Stock Options – You can Buy OTM Options […]

How to place Basket Orders on FYERS Web?

Basket order is a feature with which you can place multiple orders at one go. This feature helps in making use of various opportunities in the market efficiently and also helps in avoiding slippages. Now, let’s go through the step-by-step procedure of how to place basket orders in Fyers Web: […]

How do I Dematerialize the Mutual Funds in Fyers?

Dematerialization is a process of converting Physical Certificates of Shares and Mutual Funds to a computerized or electronic format that can be held in your Demat. You can download the Dematerialization Request Forms here. Dematerialization Request Procedure is as below: The client has to fill in the DP ID. The name […]

Under what circumstances is a pledge invoked?

If you’ve traded with the pledged margins and incurred a loss, your account will show a debit balance (Negative balance). You’re required to clear such debit balance by transferring additional funds in cash. If you do not add the funds, our risk team will invoke the pledge and sell your […]

How to unpledge my holdings in FYERS?

To unpledge your holdings, you’ll need to place an unpledge request by writing to us at along with the scrip details. Upon receiving the request, unpledge of the shares will be processed. You can check out this article for the timings.

How much time does it take to unpledge holdings?

If the request for unpledge of the holdings is received before 3:00 PM on working days, the holdings will be unpledged by EOD and will be available in your Demat for trading on the next working day. However, requests received after 3:00 PM will be processed on the next working […]

How can I place a pledge request in FYERS?

Now you can pledge all your NSE Approved Securities and Mutual funds online through OTP.  The step-by-step procedure of the same is as below: Go to and login with your FYERS credentials (If you’ve already logged in to FYERS Web then you’ll automatically be logged in). The holdings are […]

What is FYERS RMS policy for trading?

RMS policy on options selling OTM Strikes beyond a certain range can become extremely illiquid and can cause freak trades due to the wide bid/offer spreads. Therefore, as per our RMS policy, a restriction has been placed for option selling outside the allowed range and if you are an Index […]

Why did my order get rejected?

If your buy/sell order placed by you is getting rejected, it could be due to one of many reasons like insufficient margin, incorrect order/product type, scrip is blocked for trading or market is closed. Click here to find common RMS order rejection Messages with reasons why they happen and possible […]

How to invest in SIPs or a lump sum?

Investing in any direct mutual fund scheme through Fyers Direct is extremely simple.  If you have a Trading and Demat account with Fyers, make sure the BSE-MF segment is active. How do I check whether BSE MF segment is enabled in my account? Login to Fyers Direct using your Fyers […]

What is the Bank Mandate?

Bank mandate is a one-time registration process that will allow you to invest with a mutual fund in a simple, convenient and paperless manner. Simply put, it is an authorization to your bank account to debit money up to a certain limit in a day to a mutual fund of […]