Who can invest using Thematic Investing?

Anyone who has a Demat account with us is eligible for thematic investments. Our platform can be used by new and experienced investors alike. It allows you to choose from intelligently designed portfolios of stocks. You can get exposure to different types of trends in the Indian stock markets at […]

What is a theme index?

A theme index represents the value of the particular theme / portfolio of stocks. At the beginning, the value is set to 100 by default. The index value is a means to track the performance of the theme. For example, if the value has increased to 110, it means that […]

How is a theme created?

Our in-house research team conducts in depth market research by analyzing the fundamental data of companies along with their trend in earnings & valuations. We use a wide universe of stocks to find the most suitable investments. Extensive fundamental research is done to allocate the best stocks and alternatives. Our […]

How often are themes updated?

The themes are reviewed and updated on a regular and  periodic basis. Since stock markets are often in dynamic trends, we aim to find stocks poised to benefit from them and help you rebalance them to stay tuned with developments. Usually, we review themes on a quarterly basis but it […]

How long should I stay invested in a theme?

You can stay invested a theme for as long as you want. You can optimize it by rebalancing it on a regular basis based on our updates. Reviewing and updating themes is based on our in-house research. Stock markets change dynamically and swiftly. So we will keep you updated regarding […]

What is rebalancing a theme?

Rebalancing means replacing, adding or removing stocks from a theme to make it better and more in tune to give better results. You can optimize a theme by rebalancing it on a regular basis based on our updates. Our in-house research team reviews and rebalances a theme on a regular […]

What are the charges for Thematic Investing?

It is free to invest in themes as we do not levy any brokerage on equity delivery or thematic Investing fees on the buy-side. However, we do levy a small fee for selling/exiting, rebalancing and modifying themes. For more information, you can refer to our pricing.

What is a theme?

A theme is a portfolio of stocks which revolve around a particular idea or sector. Themes are intelligently designed to help investors build a good portfolio rather than individual stocks. It is a less risky way of investing in the Indian stock market as compared to directly investing in individual […]

What is Thematic Investing?

Thematic investing allows you to invest in different themes or portfolios without getting into the stock specifics. Since people think more in terms of ideas than fundamental facts on stocks, this mechanism nurtures that aspect and helps you get better at identifying themes which will do well in the future […]