What will happen if my Intraday F&O positions are not squared off by EOD?

Your intraday positions at Fyers will be auto squared off after reaching a threshold time to do so. For Equity, F&O and Currency segment around 15 minutes before the market close and for the Commodity segment around 30 minutes before the market close. 

However, it is significant to note that Intraday square off timings can be changed based on our risk management measures taken to safeguard our clients’ interest.

If any intraday positions irrespective of the segment are not squared off on the same day due to any risks associated with internet/wireless-based trading or scrip circuit limits which may occur by the Client, Fyers and the respective Exchanges. Such open positions will be treated as a CNC for Equity positions and Margin for F&O/Currency and Commodity Derivatives position for the next trading day session.

In such scenario, the obligation of squaring off the position will be on Client and if the necessary margins are not available in the account to hold any such positions, you will need to bring in the required additional margin. Else, our RMS team shall square off the positions without intimation to the client.

To know more about Fyers Margin Policy read this blog post: FYERS – Margin Policies.

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