What is FYERS RMS policy for trading?

  • RMS policy on options selling

OTM Strikes beyond a certain range can become extremely illiquid and can cause freak trades due to the wide bid/offer spreads. Therefore, as per our RMS policy, a restriction has been placed for option selling outside the allowed range and if you are an Index options buyer, there is no issue.

Index options strike range allowed for selling – 20%

Stock options strike range allowed for trading – 10%

Note: Option premium received from writing options will not be considered as Cash/Capital and the clients will not be able to trade with the same.

  • RMS policy for Bracket and Cover orders

Stop loss & Target Range for stocks & futures for CO & BO is minimum 0.05% & Maximum 5% of the LTP.

Stop loss & target Range for Index Options is Min 3% & Maximum 50% of the LTP. Kindly mention your Stop loss and traget values in this range to avoid order rejections.

  • RMS policy on mark to mark (MTM) square-off

If the MTM loss for the said position in your account is between 70% to 80%, such positions will be monitored and our RMS team will square-off these postions. To avoid RMS square-off you need bring in more funds to hold your positions across exchanges.

RMS policies are subject to change at our discretion without notice depending on the market situations and underlying volatility. However, we will keep you updated about the changes on the Notice Board! 

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