What is a Quarterly Settlement? Does FYERS inform clients regarding Quarterly Settlement?

Quarterly Settlement is a directed step by SEBI to ensure brokers don’t misuse client’s funds or securities. To safeguard the interest of the investor/trader, SEBI mandated all stockbrokers to reverse any funds that are lying in the trading account back to the Bank account of the client. This Quarterly Settlement has to be done for both funds and securities of the clients. SEBI mandates that this is done once in a period of 90 days.

As per SEBI rules, clients having an account balance more than ₹10,000 and  ₹ 50,000 (for MCX), will be considered for  Quarterly Settlements exercise and will be informed accordingly through the Email/call. However, if you feel that it is unnecessary and find it to be a hassle to constantly indulge in fund transfers, you can choose to retain the funds in your trading account by giving us the required instructions.

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