What is a contract note (ECN)?

Contract Note is a confirmation of trades done on a particular day on behalf of the client by a trading member (stockbroker). It imposes a legally enforceable relationship between the client and the trading member with respect to purchase/sale and settlement of trades.

The Contract Note has provides details as prescribed by the exchanges:

  • Name of the Client
  • Address of the Client
  • PAN of the Client
  • Trading Client Code
  • Order Number
  • Trade Time
  • Trade Number
  • Name and Symbol of the security traded
  • Action Carried Out i.e. Buy or Sell
  • Quantity traded
  • Trade Price of the security
  • Closing rate per unit (Only for Derivatives)
  • Total Charges before Brokerage and Statutory levies

The contract note carries all the trading and transactional charges like brokerage, STT/CTT, GST etc. and the executed trade details on exchanges, i.e. NSE, BSE or MCX. Contract notes sent to clients over a registered email address.

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