How to invest in SIPs or a lump sum?

Investing in any direct mutual fund scheme through Fyers Direct is extremely simple.  If you have a Trading and Demat account with Fyers, make sure the BSE-MF segment is active.

How do I check whether BSE MF segment is enabled in my account?

  1. Login to Fyers Direct using your Fyers account credentials.
  2. Explore the top-performing schemes from 49+ AMCs and filter them based on the returns for the period, types, sectoral/themes or the fund house.
  3. Choose the type of investment i.e. lump sum or SIP, enter an amount for the transaction and place the order. Note: Lumpsum amount will be debited from your trading account.
  4. That’s it, successful orders will be reflected on the dashboard. You can track the performance of invested funds and also add more at regular intervals.   

Note: At the time of investing in the funds you would require to enter the value of investment (in rupees) whereas, at the time of redemptions you have to enter the number of units.

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