How to integrate FYERS API Bridge Advanced Extension with TradingView?

We have released FYERS API Bridge Advanced Extension for TradingView platform with few updates.


For the latest version of TradingView Extension, click Help from the top menu of FYERS APIBridge. Then go to Jump Start setup and follow instructions to integrate TradingView.

Note: This extension is meant only for advanced users who understand well how APIBridge works.

Additional Features Compared to v1.3

  1. Connects automatically with APIBridge; no need to click “Start”.
  2. Works well with charts in multiple tabs.
  3. Important: By default, price from alerts coming via multiple tabs maybe 0. If you want orders to go at LTP price, in the alert message box, mention PRICE:{{close}}
  4. Optional new values in Alert message box: INS (Instrument), Qty (Order Qty), Trail (Trail for BO).
  5. Right-click for settings like SL, TGT etc.
    (A) Trigger Price for SLL/SLM orders is calculated using SL provided in settings.
    (B) SL for CO/BO is calculated using settings.
    (C) TGT for BO is calculated using settings. So, you can send BO/CO/SL with LE/SE buttons based on the value in settings. Similarly, you can send through BO/CO/SL through alerts also.
  6. Values given in the message box are given precedence over values from Settings.

How safe is it?

You will see a warning from Chrome that extensions in Developer mode can be harmful to your computer. If you are downloading the extension from a trusted source like us, you can safely ignore this message.

The extension is encrypted and cannot be hacked to inject malicious code. Moreover, then extension has access to ONLY website, not to your sensitive data like emails, passwords and so on.

This extension cannot be published on Chrome Store currently, because it requires additional permissions through Settings popup.

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