How to change/modify Risk Management settings in FYERS API Bridge?

Risk management allows you to manage risk both at the strategy level and global (account level).

You will see here rows based on the strategy tags added under Application Settings -> Symbol Settings. When you click on any row, it shows you the current values at the bottom of the grid.

Note: STG1 is an application default tag. If you are trading in only one strategy, you need to fill ONLY the values for GLOBAL.

These settings are very important to prevent a strategy misfire or wrong order placement.

MaxOrderPerMinute: The maximum Signals will be allowed per minute. By ignoring signals which exceed per minute interval, the Bridge limits the orders which can be placed per minute.

MaxTradesPerDay: The maximum LE/SE signals that will be processed per day. LX/SX signals which are used only to exit a position are not counted in Max Trades limit.

MaxSymPos: The maximum symbols (stocks) in which bridge will create positions for the particular strategy.

Daily Max Loss: If Realized MTM loss is greater than this limit, new LE/SE signals will be ignored. Note this limit is not based on Unrealized MTM. This feature uses Cumulative P/L values from TradeHistory and is currently under Beta mode.

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