How is stamp duty calculated?

Stamp duty is levied on the value of shares transferred. As per the Indian Stamp Act, the stamp duty will be levied for any purchase, sales of goods, shares, futures contracts, commodity traded through an association as per the prescribed rate. In India, stamp duty is levied by various states, and hence the rate of stamp duty varies from state to state.

For instance, in Maharashtra, the stamp duty rate for Cash Market (other than Government Securities) and Derivatives Market Turnover (non-delivery) is 0.002% for Non-delivery trades and 0.01% Delivery trades.

Note: From Jan 9th, 2020 stamp duty will be charged with a uniform rate across all states and the rate at which it will be charged will be varied from segment to segment. Refer this post for more information on this – Uniform Stamp Duty Across All States

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