Subroto Bhowmik

Vice President - Finance

With over two decades in the financial services sector, Subroto Bhowmik has sculpted a career marked by innovation and leadership. Since 2000, his journey has been adorned with roles in prominent sectors such as insurance, securities, and capital markets. His expertise lies in steering finance and account departments towards efficiency, ensuring seamless audits, and mastering tax compliances.

Currently, as the Vice President of Finance at FYERS, Subroto is the anchor in providing the kind of financial insight that propels business growth. His knack for transforming complex data into actionable strategies is pivotal for making informed decisions, setting him apart as a visionary in financial management.

Beyond the spreadsheets and calculations, Subroto finds solace in the open road, immersing himself in melodies, or indulging in cinematic adventures.

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