Subramaniam Mani

Chief Information Officer

Mani, the Chief Information Officer, has close to 30 years of experience into IT Infrastructure, having worked extensively in the BFSI domain for more than 20+ years. He has evolved and adapted to the changing technology landscape during this long tenure and has also driven the implementation and management of several high impact and critical projects in cloud and cyber security.

At the helm of technology at FYERS, Mani's vision is clear: to ensure unparalleled platform reliability with 'five 9's', supporting vast daily transactions for top-tier capital market entities. His leadership is about blending robust infrastructure with quick responses to emerging tech trends, aiming to set new benchmarks in operational excellence.

Beyond the bits and bytes, Mani finds balance in travel, meditation, and spirituality, grounding his high-stakes role with a calm, collected demeanour. This blend of tech acumen and personal tranquility fuels his innovative drive, making him a beacon of calm in the fast-paced IT realm.

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