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Trading Steps with
Fyers Journal

A personal space for you to capture, reflect, and refine
your trading experiences.

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Personal Diary

Capture the unique details of every trade daily to recall why you made that move.


Rich Text Editor

Describe the highs and lows of your trading day with our user-friendly editor.


Trading Summaries

Explore your trading performance with the list, monthly, and yearly views.

Embark on a Journey of
Self-discovery and Growth


Colour-coded Calendar

A holistic view of your trading emotions and strategies: green for those soaring days, red for the lessons learned.

Trade Notes

Associate multiple notes with a single trade or one note to various trades, enhanced with the convenience of custom tags.


Revisit & Refine

Revisit past strategies and emotions to refine future ones, ensuring you're in tune with your trading psyche.