Apply to Invest in IPOs

You can apply for Initial Public Offers (IPOs) & FPOs in companies that are listing/listed on NSE & BSE.

Invest in IPOs
Invest In IPO

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It Is to Apply for an IPO on FYERS

Apply for IPOs in 3 easy steps



Create a UPI ID

Create a UPI ID with any of the UPI apps. Skip if you already have one.



Go to FYERS IPO Portal

Go to the portal here and click apply on the IPO of your choosing and enter the required details



Approve UPI Request

Confirm the UPI mandate in your UPI app.

Some Fun IPO Facts

First Ever IPO

The first IPO happened in 1602 when the Dutch East India Company offered shares to the public to raise capital.

The Infosys Saga

Rs 10,000 invested in 1993 Infosys IPO is now worth more than Rs 14 Crores.

It's Raining IPOs

There were 62 IPOs in 2021 for Indian investors.

The Best Start

Sigachi Ind got a mammoth 270% gain on the listing day!

The Royal IPO

Investing in Eicher Motors instead of buying a Royal Enfield during its IPO would have made you minimum 2000 times richer!