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Built with real feedback from 50,000+ clients, FYERS gives you fast, reliable and seamless trading experience in Indian markets across all segments on major exchanges. Trade Entry & Exit is fast with easy navigation from watchlists, trading & positions. Also, get state of the art charting with 22+ years of historical EOD, 2+ years of Intraday historical data.

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Using TradingView charts, we have developed a world-class trading platform on the web. Its multi-chart setup allows you to view up to 8 charts simultaneously. For the first time in India, we have introduced Price ladder (DOM) trading and trading directly from charts. It has more than 20 years of historical EOD data, extensive intraday historical data and all F&O historical prices since inception.

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It is an advanced trading platform that will help you make informed trading decisions. Some of the unique features in Fyers One are heatmaps, stock screeners, intraday scanners, support & resistance filters, real-time market wide analytics and other key information like FII/DII data, RBI key rates, global markets performance etc. For F&O traders, we have live options chain, options greeks and market wide and stock specific open interest analysis.

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Thematic Investing

Themes are a basket of stocks which are based on specific ideas. There are 100+ pre-designed portfolios on our platform which are unique and based on different thesis/ideologies/strategies etc. You can customize them & invest in a few clicks. Take advantage of our thorough proprietary research and use it to build a powerful portfolio of stocks.

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