Pranav Khambayatkar

Chief Engineering Officer

With a career spanning over two decades in software engineering and leadership, Pranav serves as the Chief Engineering Officer at FYERS. His expertise is centred around building large scale B2C and B2B products across various fintech categories, where he has excelled in developing scalable and resilient architectures, alongside pioneering innovative approaches in product development.

As a dynamic technical leader, Pranav is committed to growing both his team and the products they develop. His leadership philosophy centres around customer empathy, inclusivity and positive impact, striving to uplift his team while working towards a shared vision. His tenure includes significant contributions to multiple startups, where he excelled in nurturing productive environments and bringing out the best in people to cultivate the high-performing culture.

Pranav, outside his professional life, is an ardent nature lover who loves spending quality time with his family. He is also a fitness enthusiast who enjoys early morning jogs and has a passion for playing cricket.

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