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New 50-50 Cash to Collateral Margin policy to be in effect from 29th April 2022

28 April 2022

06:00 PM

SEBI Regulations

As per the circular dated 1st April 2022, the Cash-Collateral margins have been increased to 50-50, wherein clients are required to bring in cash margins of at least 50% of their total fund balance (i.e., Cash+Collateral) to hold their existing position/s or take new positions. This regulation will be in effect from 29th April 2022.

Clients are hereby requested to go through their fund balance and transfer the necessary cash margins. Failing to do so will result in any of the following consequences:

  1. Any open position/s that doesn’t meet the 50-50 criteria will be reduced/squared off, and the holdings will be unpledged.

  2. The holdings of the clients whose cash margins are less than their collateral margins will be unpledged.

For more information on the policy, refer to this circular. Please raise a ticket if you require any further clarification regarding this policy.

Note: This new policy is applicable across brokerages.



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