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Trading preferences on FYERS Web will be saved on the cloud!

Trading preferences on FYERS Web will now be saved on the cloud instead of your local system. The auto-save functionality gets triggered “after 10 seconds” of making any change on the platform.

Trading preferences can by any of the following:

  1. Change in the size of the chart/watchlist.
  2. Dashboard Display (Minimize/Maximize/resized)
  3. Show Positions
  4. Show Orders
  5. Extend Lines Left
  6. Trade Executions
  7. Buy/Sell Panel
  8. Order Confirmations
  9. Rejection Notifications
  10. Price Levels with now Asks and Bids in DOM
  11. Sound on Order Execution

This will be useful if you log in to FYERS WEb from different systems. Happy Trading!

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