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Launch of MCX iCOMDEX Energy Index Futures Contracts W.E.F. 7th Oct 2021

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As per the Circular dated 13th September 2021, Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) is launching MCX iCOMDEX Energy Index Futures contracts from 7th October 2021. MCXENRGDEX November 2021, December 2021 and January 2022 will be available for trading from Thursday, 7th October 2021.

The Contract Specifications of the MCX iCOMDEX Energy Index Futures is as below:

Parameter Specification
Trading Unit (1 Lot) 125 Qty
Instruments & Weightage Crude oil: 75%
Natural Gas: 25%
Tick size (Minimum Price Movement) Re 1
Trading Session 9:00 AM to 11:30/11:55 p.m.* (Monday to Friday)
* based on US daylight saving time period.
Settlement type The contract would be settled in cash
Quotation / Base Value Index Points
Initial margin ₹1,07,000 (Approximately)
(Minimum 10% or based on SPAN whichever is higher)
Contract Start Day 1st day of contract launch month. If 1st day is a holiday then the following working day

Note: The launch and the expiry dates of other month contracts shall be duly informed to the Market before the launch of the contracts.

For more details on contract specifications of MCXENRGDEX Futures – Refer this.

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