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Introducing the standard Market Depth on FYERS Web

We have introduced the standard format for Market Depth on FYERS Web after receiving feedback from many of our users who were not too familiar with using the Price Ladder (DOM) as the alternative. With this update, you can get the following update in the market depth window:


  1. Best 5 Bids & Offers
  2. OHLC data for the day
  3. Previous day’s closing price
  4. Percentage change for the day
  5. The average price for the day
  6. Last Traded Price (LTP)
  7. Last Traded Quantity (LTQ)
  8. Last Traded Time (LTT)
  9. Upper & Lower Circuits, if applicable
  10. Expiry Date, if applicable.

You can access the Market Depth Window in the right-click menu on the chart (Right-click & Select Market Depth).

Hope this update is useful. Stay tuned for more updates from us.

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