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Introducing TradingView Widgets

Tracking market data on various different websites is quite a cumbersome and time consuming task for traders. I have personally been through the inconvenience of having to move from one website to another to track the latest information on a daily basis. It is quite a distracting endeavor. To help make it easier, we have introduced some useful TradingView widgets on FYERS. 

With these unique widgets, you can get the following information on FYERS:

1. Fundamentals Widget – In a snapshot, get the most important information on the company’s financials that include valuations, balance sheet details, operating metrics, margins, etc. The widget also provides a stock profile with a basic overview about the chosen company’s business operations. This widget can be used to get quick fundamental information only. For detailed analysis, you will need more details that are readily available elsewhere. You can get all this data about the stocks listed on NSE & BSE. The fundamental data is provided & updated by TradingView’s sources. Here’s a screenshot of a sample Fundamental Widget & Company Profile for your reference.

2. Technical Analysis Widget – This tool categorizes stocks into Strong Buy/Buy/Neutral/Sell/Strong Sell categories based on the results of 28 different indicators. Using this feature, you can determine the technical strength/weakness of stocks in different time frames ranging from 1 minute charts all the way up to 1 month time frame charts. In total, we currently provide 8 different time frames. You can do this for all stocks listed on NSE & BSE. You can use the technical strength widget as a reference point to refine your analysis and take more informed trading decisions. Here’s an image of what it looks like:


3. Economic Calendar – Macro Economic data is essential information for traders. With this tool, you can track the data releases related to the economy and financial markets. Events that are of high importance can cause volatility in the market and awareness about the upcoming announcements can help a trader to make informed trading decisions. For instance, if you know that there is an important RBI announcement or Inflation numbers coming up, then you can either position your trades accordingly or choose to stay away from trading to avoid getting whipsawed depending on how you see the situation. We have set India as the default country but you can add other countries’ economic calendars if you choose to track them. The Economic Calendar does not get the deserved attention and is more often than not, overlooked by the majority of retail traders. However, we would like to stress on the fact that it is very important and it doesn’t take too much effort to keep a track of it. We have lined it up alongside other widgets so that it is easily accessible to you. Below, is an image of what the Economic Calendar looks like:


4. Forex Rates – This widget allows you to analyze the world forex markets in realtime at a glance. You can track the live performance of all the major currency pairs around the world. It also contains a heat map to give a quick overview of the strength and weaknesses of major currencies against one another. This information is very useful for currency traders especially after NSE introduced Cross Currency Trading. We are among a handful of brokerages that has enabled the cross-currency segment. This is a step to help increase the market participation of retail traders in this space.  I believe trading should be a wee bit more convenient with access to the relevant data in the Forex widget. Here’s what the Forex Widgets look like:

Forex Cross Rates Widget – Shows live prices of major currency pairs.


Forex Heat Map – Helps you spot strong & weak currencies in real-time.


How to Access these Widgets 

You can access the TradingView widgets from FYERS Web. Just right-click on the chart and open the menu. There, you can open each of the above-mentioned widgets.You will be able to access additional widgets that we will introduce in the future in the same place. Here’s a screenshot to help you locate it in the right-click menu:

Access the TradingView Widgets from the Right-click menu on FYERS Web.


We hope you like these new features and we’re glad that many of you from the trading community interact with us online and let us know what would add value to you. We will continue to add new features on these lines and keep you posted in the near future. In the meantime, if you enjoy trading with us, do refer your trading buddies here.

Happy Trading!

Tejas Khoday

Tejas Khoday

Tejas is the Co-Founder & CEO at FYERS, the youngest team to get NSE’s broker license. He has a specialization in finance and has over 10 years of work experience spanning across proprietary trading, risk management, and broking. Tejas & his team started FYERS, a technology-focused brokerage as a mission to transform the trading/investment landscape in India.

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  • Avatar Hilari says:

    Appreciate your efforts 😊,please add option chain of Nifty and bank Nifty in mobile app
    It will really help us to compare and add symbol to watch list while we travel

  • Avatar Syed Mehdi says:

    Please add RANGE BAR chart type in your Fyers Web. It is provided by Tradingview on their platform.I have to look at other Charting platform and trade at fyers web which is quite an inconvenience.So please add Range Bar chart type to fyersweb.

  • Avatar Ritesh says:

    State bank of india/NSE chart not working, whats going on?

  • Avatar abhilash says:

    It just shows data of HDFC Bank for me. Why is it so?

  • Avatar Raj Kumar says:

    Thanks for above. Please add Scanners/ Screeners to Fyers Web and vwma and Mcginley Dynamic to Fyers One

  • Avatar Giridhar says:

    I don’t see any widgets in the Fyers web… Can someone guide me

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Giridhar, I have written how to access the widgets in the blog post. Open the right-click menu on FYERS Web and you will be able to open the widgets.

  • Avatar Jayachandran Kuruvatt says:

    Hi Tejas,
    Congrats and I am happy to know that fyers is improving on a daily basis as a fintech company. I have two suggestions. Can we have an option chain which shows the difference in open interest Evey five minutes or maybe an open interest vs price chart for options. Also is it possible to provide nest as a platform.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Jayachandran, Thanks for acknowledging our efforts. Yeah every day, there’s something new to build/refine. This is a good feedback and we have already taken note of it. Once we finish up with the current pipeline of developments, we can possibly take it up. Right now, hands are full. Stay tuned!

  • Avatar suman sardar says:

    plz update aleart as soon as possible..+aleart is mmore than importen than other things…plz update aleart as per trading view it really need …..

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Suman, Currently you can trigger alerts from TradingView and trigger orders in your account through the API Bridge. This is the solution as of now. Things can change in the future.

  • Avatar Bibhuti Bhushan Barman says:

    Great… Improving much. Only one thing to add now that is GTT order.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Thanks for acknowledging our efforts Bibhuti. Thanks for your feedback. We’ll look into it at a future date.

  • Avatar Don Jose says:

    Please keep main trading page simple n fast loading. Its getting slower now a days.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi, if you are referring to the higher timeframe intraday charts such as 1 hour and 4 hours, it is being fixed. Other than that, the platform is pretty fast as per feedback. We’re fixing the load time on the 1 hour and 4-hour charts soon.

  • Avatar Shashank says:

    Hello Tejas,

    Having started using Fyers very recently, I am glad to learn that your product is growing!

    I am excited about the 1. Fundamentals Widget and 3. Economic Calendar. Congratulations on integrating those features I value.

    From your description of it, I see the 3. Economic Calendar to be focussing on market-level events. Can I expect it to contain company-level events? For example:

    a) Dividend declaration dates (If not upcoming, at least the past ones)
    b) Next Shareholder meetings
    c) Previous/Next expected SEBI filing dates

    These items help traders using Fyers like me to be better informed of our positions and provide a quick path to actual resources in company websites. Would you agree?

    Congratulations to you and your team on this great work again.


    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Firstly, thanks for appreciating our efforts Shashank. Yes, we are refining the product regularly based on feedback and priority. W.r.t economic calendar, it’s a much-needed tool as retail traders don’t have access to macro data. We thought this would fulfill that vacuum. Company-level data is not something that we have in our roadmap at the moment. Maybe someday in the future but not right now.

      Thanks again! Happy trading.

  • Avatar vivek nirody says:

    Do we need to save these widgets? Where do we locate them to download?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hey Vivek, You won’t need to download them. Just click on the links provided in the blog headings.

    • Avatar NAGABABU says:

      Yes sir, you are providing best features to help ur customers.
      But option chain (with order placement) is missing.
      Request you to provide very soon.

      • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

        Hi Nagababu, Thanks. We will take this up in the future. I do understand that it is important and your feedback is noted.

  • Avatar Vikas Yadav says:

    I can’t find these widgets on fyers web. Where do i find them then?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Will update the blog by End Of Day with a screenshot to show how to access them.

  • Avatar Jevish Sheth says:

    Thank you for new three widgets… It would help us a lot

  • Avatar Vamsi says:

    Kindly introduce option chain

  • Avatar Rajan says:

    Damn… This is some out of the world features you’ve added!! Great Going. Appreciate the fact you’ve been doing your best even in the times like these👏🏽

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Rajan, Thanks for appreciating our efforts. Well, the show must go on, right? So just been working on adding new features on the platform.

  • Avatar Ganesh says:

    thanks for this features…..great..

  • Avatar Ganesh says:

    Sir in Fyers Fund transfer,30day challenge,saved charts,accounts – plz move this links to bottom….it will be very helpful to normal screen users….

  • Avatar pcfchennai says:

    Sorry to say, though the article says that the data is consolidated, many websites are having this at single location. Instead, pls add whether the stock is under/Rightly/over valued along with diff valuation methods, and your recommendation based on the company valuation, fundamentals and any other such important, which retailers can’t do on their own or need proficiency to come to a conclusion.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi There, Adding more features is an ongoing process. Your feedback is noted.

  • Avatar ZeroBrokerage_India says:

    Tejas Khoday I want to associate with Fyers. I had left details in your account opening page but I think the new sales guy did not know about any such thing and its not moving forward. Can someone from Fyers call me up? I have spoken to someone by the name of Nandu in your team and given my Ph. No.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hello, That’s good news. The concerned person has been informed and you will get a callback shortly. Thanks!

  • Avatar Manoj777 says:

    Didn’t you ask this on Twitter 3 days ago, sir? How you guys did this so early..

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Well, we had this in mind just wanted to bounce views with the community on Twitter. Guess we put the team together for a few days and it happened.

  • Avatar Nitin Suresh Thakare says:

    Thanks for introducing this tremendous widget for us…. Big fan of Fyers platform… It will become India’s Number one Broking firm..

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Nitin, Thanks! We’re just living it by the day. Have you considered referring your friends to us? You can do it here –

      • Avatar Raj Kumar Goswami says:

        Thanks a ton for introducing economic calendar. It will be of great use for people like us who are mainly daily trader.
        It will be very nice if you kindly arrange to add a feature in moving average. So that we can view 15 minutes MA in 5 min time frame, or 60 min MA in 15 min time frame chart.
        Thanks once again
        Raj Kumar Goswami

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