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  • Avatar Jignesh M. Dalal says:

    Very Good for Investors , Brilliant Idea. 👌


    could you please integrate your dashboard to CAMS & Karvy ? for fresh investments in Fyers and existing investment this will be a single dashboard. else its difficult to trace

  • Avatar NAGESH BABU O S says:

    All the best Thejas

  • Avatar Shreyank Patil says:

    It’s a good initiative by you guys, congrats. Do we get an option to transfer our existing mutual funds to Fyers Demat? If yes does it involve any cost?

  • Avatar Ashwin Sharma says:

    Congratulation to Tejas and Team Fyers1 for launching the MF platform..looking forward to invest in Mf✌

  • Avatar Neelam Kumari Singh says:

    That’s really a good news. I have been waiting for this. When it will be launched?

  • Avatar Sachin says:

    Can we use Liquid fund direct for pledging?

  • Avatar CHINMAY says:

    Good luck and prosperity are wishes for Fyers & Tejas sir ji

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