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Are you tired of using old & rusty trading platforms with limited features? On our trading terminal, you can view more than 10 different types of workspaces which are designed specifically by keeping in mind the different needs of traders and investors in the Indian stock market. These workspaces on our trading terminal were designed after taking in-depth feedback from a variety of people who practice from day trading, swing and positional trading.

A workspace is an arrangement of information widgets on a trading terminal to suit a trader’s specific needs.

10+ workspaces on Fyers One trading terminal:

fyers one workspace 1

To access workspaces, click on the “Workspace” icon in the main menu and get all the options. I have described each workspace in the order of their popularity and usefulness to traders. The description of each of the workspaces are given below the image. The highlighted areas signify the uniqueness of each workspace in the trading terminal.

fyers one workspace 13

Advanced Chart Workspace: If you mostly rely on charting to do your trading analysis, and don’t like a cluttered workspace, then this is the best workspace to choose. It is simplistic as it shows only the name of the stock, last traded price, % change, absolute change and the rest of the screen is dedicated to charting. In our experience, it keeps things simple. If you want additional information you can always get it by scrolling to the right in the watch list. Another advantage of this workspace is that you don’t have to open a different window to view the charts. You can simply toggle charts by clicking on each scrip or using the up & down arrow keys. The charts are set to 5 minute interval by default.

advanced charts

Advanced Multi charts – 2: The only difference between this workspace and the previous one is that here you can see two advanced charts simultaneously. Also, you need to click on the screen and use the “drag & drop” functionality to load the charts of stocks you want to view. You will have to “drag & drop” it whichever chart window you choose. Alternatively, you can also type the name of the scrip in “search” within the chart window. If you are a trader who likes to trade a couple of positions and want to keep a close watch, this one is ideal.

stock charts

Advanced Multi charts – 4: This one is similar to the previous workspace except that you can load up-to 4 stock charts at the same time. The speed is incredible and the updates are real-time. You can choose different timeframes for each stock/scrip as per your custom preferences. There are two ways to load the charts in this workspace. One way to do it is by using the “drag & drop” functionality, and the second is by simply using the “search” feature. This workspace is especially useful if you trade intraday and short-term. If you need to track multiple positions without having to change screens often, then this is your best bet.

trading terminal

Multi Timeframe charts: The main difference between this one and the previous workspace is that this is especially useful “if you want to track multiple timeframes of the same stock.” You cannot load different stocks in the charts. In the image above, you can see the charts of the same stock in different time period ranging from 1 minute charts to monthly charts. The chart features are restricted to serve the purpose of this workspace. If you want more variety, go with the previous one. Only choose this if you are the kind of trader who wants to track the performance in multiple timeframe charts. It saves you a lot of time. The charts change really quickly when you change the stocks in the watch list.

best trading platform in india

Multi Watch lists – 2: In this workspace, you can track 2 different watch lists at the same time. Now, without getting too deep in into this, I want to mention that you can choose default watch lists of over 18 sectors and 30+ indices. Alternatively, you can also add your own custom watch lists and track them. Here, you get the functionality to track more than one watch list in the same window. It is especially useful for traders who like to look at different watch lists and not mix everything in one list.

trading terminal

Trader: No surprises here. This is a standard view for those who are happy and comfortable to just view the stock prices and other details like bid/ask, previous day data, volumes etc. Now this feature is the standard in all the trading platforms in India. The added difference on Fyers One is that we have colour coded the stocks to identify which ones went up and down. The colour codes help you to quickly filter stocks based on their real-time performance. As you can see in the image:

• Stocks highlighted in light red are down 0% to -2%.
• Stocks highlighted in dark red are down -2% to -4%.
• Stocks highlighted in light green are up 0% to 2%.
• Stocks highlighted in dark green are up 2% to 4%.

stock screener

Standard with Scanners: This workspace has “Live Scanner & Trend Scanner” inbuilt for traders who like to use real-time stock screeners to find opportunities. You can get alerts of stocks which have breached new high/new low, gap up or down and other parameters which help identify trading opportunities very quickly. The messages are also colour coded for visual convenience.

trading terminal

Standard with Charts: This workspace is simple and effective. You can see a box on the right which shows you the real-time support and resistances. Below you can view the standard chart and then for those who rely on world markets action, this workspace makes most sense. Here, you can get the performance of all the world’s major equity indices, commodities and American Depository Receipts (ADRs). Here, you can also get Commodity forecast and Economic Calendar of the world markets.

best trading platform in india

Standard with Trades: This workspace is similar to the previous one except that you have Time & Sales data instead of world markets, commodities, economic calendars etc. This is useful because a trader can view the deals that are happening in the stock on a real-time basis. For all those traders who love to track the price action of stocks, this is it.

trading terminal

Smart: This workspace gives you the most needed tools for jobbing. Support and resistance levels, Snap quote of the best 5 bid/offers and Time & Sales data of the stock. If you’re a jobber or intraday trader who prefers to look at numbers and trade instead of charts, then this workspace is tailor made for you and will certainly be useful.

best trading platform in india

Market Overview: As the name goes, this watch list gives you an overview of the entire stock market price action from a top down perspective. It is a very unique kind of workspace which provides a lot of information in one single screen. I’ll explain this in points:
• Indices View (First Box) – Shows the price performance of all major stock indices.
• Support and resistances (Second Box) – This is shown real-time and can be easily tracked.
• Indices Map (Last Box) – Shows top-down info. like advance/decline ratios, turnover etc.
These features will help you trade like a pro as these insights are used by large prop firms, hedge funds and institutions. Get an eagle’s perspective of what’s happening on the ground. If you track money flows, FII data often, then you will find this one very useful.

stock screener

Opportunity Finder: It allows you to find opportunities in the stock markets using basic parameters like PE Ratio and returns. You have the flexibility to choose stocks from all the major indices in the Indian stock markets. The number of filters have been kept to a bare minimum as of now.

trading terminal

Home Page: Finally, this one is sort of like a snap shot of all the market action. However, may not be the most ideal for a full time trading screen, it gives you an overview of the stock market action.

I have covered all the information required about our workspaces. If you have any questions do feel free to ask in the comments section below. Would love to get your feedbacks.

Happy Trading!

Tejas Khoday

Tejas Khoday

Tejas is the Co-Founder & CEO at FYERS, the youngest team to get NSE’s broker license. He has a specialization in finance and has over 10 years of work experience spanning across proprietary trading, risk management, and broking. Tejas & his team started FYERS, a technology-focused brokerage as a mission to transform the trading/investment landscape in India.

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  • Avatar Dinkar Marla FCA says:

    Hi Tejas,
    I was impressed upon seeing the above i chanced upon doing a search on time and sales data , platforms in India. i have immediately given my details for the account opening in the name of my wife Meera and Nikhil from your team in these tough times has helped me complete the formalities. account should open soon.
    My question is :- whether Level 2 data of market depth and the time and sale data are available simultaneously on the same frame along with the order placement window.
    I am looking forward to use the system .

  • Avatar Arun KR says:

    Hi Tejas,

    I see that the multi-timeframe chart is having some of the features disabled like buy, sell, indicators and zoom in and out are not possible. So in order to make a trade and to look at a multi-timeframe, I use the Advanced Multi charts – 4, which is very flexible and I can take a position easily using this feature. But the only difficulty here is when I want to conduct a multi-timeframe analysis for a stock. I have to drag and drop four times to do an analysis, which is consuming time and by that, I may lose a good entry.

    So my humble request is to include either one of the given below features.

    1. On a single click on a stock in the watch list, all the four charts in the Advanced Multi Charts should show the chart
    2. Enable all the features available in Advanced Multi Charts for Multi time frame charts

    Arun KR

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Arun,

      1. It is possible in the existing functionality. With a single click, you will get multiple charts of various timeframes of your choice of the chosen scrip. Just explore the feature a bit more. If you aren’t able to figure it out, get in touch with our support team.

      2. Please explore the multi charts feature and let me know with specific requirements. The charting on FYERS Web is the same as

      • Avatar Arun KR says:

        Hi Tejas,

        Thanks for the reply. The multi-chart frame option in Fyers one is giving multiple charts of various timeframes of a scrip. But the problem is I cannot make a buy/sell or add indictors or zoom in-out in the multi time frame workspace charts directly which are shown in the interface. So if I have to make an order or conduct some analysis, I have to click the advanced chart option and do my work on the popped out chart.

        So my request here is to provide all the chart properties to the charts which are shown in the default multi time frame workspace charts. So a trader can immediately make a trading decision once he/she sees the charts rather than clicking on the advanced charts and making a decision.

        I had a web session with the support team and they also mentioned that you can only view the chart of a single scrip in multiple time frame but you cannot make a trade /add indicator /zoom in zoom out /add R-S levels in the default charts shown in the multi time frame workspace.

        I am glad that the Fyers web is having this option which works very well since I am a fan of Fyers one I would like to see this feature modified.

        And the Fyers team had done a phenomenal job in developing the web and trading platform.

      • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

        Hi Arun, Thanks for the detailed request. I would like you to know that our focus has shifted from FYERS One to FYERS Web as it has become the main platform that we are known for at the moment. FYERS One has some limitations and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon. We intend to implement more features on the web going forward. Stay tuned!

  • Avatar wilson says:

    Great desktop platform Fyer One is indeed. But the only thing I miss is a Quick BUY/SELL floating panel which will help in a quick scalping. Also whenever I apply an indicator, it is not saved for future. I have to re-apply it everytime and also it wont appear on a pop out chart.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Wilson, True. There are certain limitations on FYERS One. For a seamless trading experience, please use our web. We have optimized it for trading purposes only.

  • Avatar Gopalakrishnan says:

    Strangely for a moment I thought this is Dartstock but I am on fyers website… is there a difference between your platform and dartstock ?
    Also more interested to know, are there indicator values provided in any of your platform. For e.g. I would like to see a stock with indicator values for RSI, Stoch, MACD etc (NOT IN CHART). It is funny no body has this yetsofar. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Avatar Manish Trivedi says:

    This is a very uniques features on Fyers One. Superlike!!!

  • Avatar Purnesh says:

    I am really impressed with Fyers One, which gives me immense freedom in trading, with every essential thing right at my single screen.
    One thing I would need the most in your magnificent work of Fyers One would be – customization of workspace. I feel I am restricted in utilizing its features at the comfort of my viewing and working needs to the full extent.

    Could you please make things happen for a easy customization of workspace. Thank!

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hey Purnesh, thanks! Actually, we have steered away from customizable workspaces. Instead, we have created many workspaces. Will try this in the future, but can’t promise anything 🙂

  • Avatar saranya says:

    excellent platform really awasome.please add one feature time and scale give color code based on bid and ask and previous price.please add customized color

  • Avatar Gnanasakthi says:

    FYERS ONE is the best ever trading platform. It is the complete set of package which gives a very good trading experience.

    Predefined workspaces are so cool. But every individual traders are different and have their unique trading style. Their need is also different. So customization of workspace can give much more comfortness. This will add feathers to the hat.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Yes Gnanashakti, Thanks again. I have noted your feedback & will discuss the feasibility of doing this soon with our team.

  • Avatar Gnanasakthi says:

    Finally I get know the best trading platform a few days before. FYERS ONE is the complete set of package that gives the best trading experience. There is no need to refer any other tools or website when using FYERS ONE.

    The predefined workspaces are very nice. But individual traders prefer their unique style of workspace. It would be very much appreciated if you provide the feature for customisation of workspace. This is what most retail traders needed. I hope this option will be available soon.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Gnanasakthi, Thanks and glad you enjoyed the trading experience. Customized workspaces is a challenge at the moment, we’ll see what we can do about that.

  • Avatar Souro says:


    Fyers’ dedication in helping it’s clients is commendable and your introduction of new features is really helpful for retail traders such as my self, hope to see FYERS continue in it’s venture to provide the best trading experience for it’s clients in India.

    Hence i would put in a suggestion regarding the FYERS ONE X platform

    Introduction of High of day quote in the chart

    It would be great if a small quote appears on the charts displaying the high of the day for the respective charts, suppose a trader clicks a new chart (Reliance) and the high of reliance at 9:30 am is 980, a small quote would appear at the high of the topmost candle displaying the value of the high of the day as “H:980”, now if at 9:31 am the new high moves up to 985 , then at the top of the candle the new high would appear as a small quote as “H:985” , if now someone switches the chart from Reliance to RelInfra the High of the day value would would also appear similarly for Relinfra displaying as a small quote on the High of the day.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hello Souro, firstly thanks for acknowledging our efforts. Well, the candlestick in itself shows the high with OHLC details. I don’t know if this feature is feasible because in charting, when a high is broken, the candles display it with the details anyway. If you’re looking for breakouts and realtime alerts, I suggest you use our Live Scanner feature.

  • Avatar sagar joshi says:

    Thanx sir, for all the information now really excited to open account with fyers. 🙂

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Will be glad when you start trading with us. Don’t forget to try our “30 Day Challenge”

  • Avatar Tamil Tiger says:

    How to make a workspace default? Where is the settings button? I didn’t happen fro me.

  • Avatar Luckith says:

    Do i have to open a demat in Fyers to invest in thematic or can i just link a different Demat?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      It is advisable to open a demat account with us (IL&FS) as it is easier to sell/rebalance the themes. You can link your existing demat account but you will face an issue when you want to sell holdings (Not just in thematic but regular demat holdings too).

  • Avatar kushal says:

    How the Limit Stoploss and Market Stoploss works?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      SL Limit – After price hits the SL Trigger price, it gets executed at a price set by you only.

      SL Market – After price hits the SL Trigger price, it gets executed at the prevailing market price.

  • Avatar Ravish says:

    4 charts loading on same screen is really cool. By far the most advanced trading terminal I have ever seen in India. No comparison. Mr. Khoday you are doing a great thing by giving it for free too.

  • Avatar Guru says:

    How to know the Rising Bullish and Falling Bearish using the MACD indicators?

  • Avatar Varun says:

    The workspaces provided by you guys are really awesome but when will i get to create my own customized workspace.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Varun, our workspaces have a large variety to choose from. That’s the idea. We have given these keeping in mind the needs of different kinds of traders.

  • Avatar Harsha says:

    How the Option Chain with Tools in FnO Analysis works?

  • Avatar Chandhan says:

    Can you explain how the Opportunity Finder in your tools helps me to choose the correct script?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi Chandan, Opportunity Finder is a simple fundamental screener. You can screen stocks based on P/E ratio, Market cap & YTD returns. Basically, you can filter out stocks which are within a comfortable valuation range before you begin trading them. We shall make it more sophisticated going forward.

  • Avatar Dhanush says:

    The buy and sell signals in the chart is shown after the candles or before?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      The Green / Red arrows which signify Buy / Sell are generated at the closing price of the candles.

  • Avatar Kumar says:

    Does the trading platform allow me to hedge?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hedging depends on your trading strategies and not on the platform. Here, you get information & analytics.

  • Avatar Trinadh says:

    Mr. A K Gupta,

    Use the tools like trend scanner and Open Vs High Low. Trend scanner will help you to find the stocks which are gaped up and gaped down at market opening time. Open vs High low filter the stock which will trend in Intraday.

    These tools help you scan stocks which are going to trend in the market.

  • Avatar A K Gupta says:

    I am holding account no FA 0021 Pl advise how to pick up stock on market opening

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hi there, we don’t give such advice but, you can use our stock screeners under the tools section. They’re helpful in spotting opportunities.

  • Avatar Raman says:

    Thank sir, for your valuable information, this ll help me to use fyers one more better.

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