Charges List

Equity Delivery Rs. 0
Equity Intraday Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Futures (Equity, Currency, Commodity) Rs. 20 per executed order or 0.03% (whichever is lower)
Options (Equity, Currency, Commodity) Rs. 20 per executed order
Call & Trade Services Rs. 20 per executed order
Admin Square Off Charges Rs. 20 per executed order
Physical Contract Note Charges Rs. 20 per physical contract note + courier charges
Physical Delivery 0.5% of the contract value
Expires / Exercised / Assigned Futures & Options Contracts Rs. 20/-
Cheque Bounce Charges Rs. 350/-
Payment Gateway Charges Nil
Annual Maintenance Charges  Rs. 0
Credit Charges (Buy Receive)  Nil 
Debit Charges (Sell ) Rs. 10/- + Rs 5.50/- (CDSL Charges) 
Pledge Request Nil
Unpledge Request Nil
Pledge Invocation Nil
Dematerialization Charges Rs. 100/- per certificate
Rematerialization Charges Rs. 100/- per certificate + (CDSL Charges)
Conversion of MF Units / Destatementisation Rs. 100/- per certificate
Reconversion of MF units in to SOA or Redemption/Restatmentisation Per SOA Rs. 100/- per certificate + (CDSL Charges)
Stamp Charges Rs. 50/-
Failed / Rejected Transactions  Nil
Periodic Statement Nil charges by Email. Rs. 50 + courier charges at actuals for physical statements
Adhoc / Non Periodic Statement Requests Nil
Additional Delivery Instruction Book (5 leaves) Rs. 100 + courier charges at actuals
Modification in Client Master List (CML) Rs. 50/-
Modification in KRA / Download Rs. 50/-
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  1. In addition to the above charges, the following statutory charges will also be levied at actuals:
    • Exchange transaction charges
    • Clearing charges
    • Securities / Commodity Transaction Tax
    • Goods & Services Tax
    • SEBI Turnover fees 
    • Stamp Duty
    • Depository Charges
  2. Charges/ Service standards are subject to revision at the sole discretion of Fyers Securities Pvt. Ltd. and as informed by communication sent by ordinary post/email. 
  3. Charges quoted above are for the services listed. Any service not quoted above will be charged separately at the time of availing such service, upon your consent.
  4. Interest at 18% p.a will be charged on the outstanding bill amount if not paid within the due date.