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Our Story so far

After having traded & worked with several brokerages, we realized that there is a big gap between what traders/investors want and what is being offered by the brokers. After experiencing it firsthand for many years, we created FYERS to change the way India trades. Over the last few years, we have been able to build a great community of traders/investors who strongly feel the need for change in the capital markets. So far, we are a team of 200 powering 65,000+ customers to trade seamlessly. We’re among a handful of stockbrokers in India that can proudly say that we don’t have any conflict of interests with our clients. With each new development, we feel like our journey has just begun.

Aug 2015

Trading member of NSE with in-house technology

May 2016

Launched unique in-house trading platforms

Dec 2016

1000 clients

Jan 2017

Launched Thematic Investing Platform

June 2017

Launched Trading View on Fyers Web

Dec 2017

Introduced 30 Day Challenge

Feb 2018

Introduced Free Investment Zone

Sept 2018

Launched MCX

Apr 2019

Introduced School of stocks

Oct 2019

Launched FYERS Demat Accounts

Nov 2019

Launched FYERS API's

Jan 2020

Launched BSE and Cross currency on NSE

May 2020

1,00,000 clients

Our Leadership

The significant driving force and key players behind FYERS

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO

At age 16, he was hooked to the stock markets when accidentally stumbling upon it on television. Ever since he has been a passionate creature of the markets; professional trading, investing & decoding the inside world of finance. After experiencing back to back disappointments with various stock brokerages, Tejas embarked upon a journey to solve the problems faced by traders and investors in India.

Shreyas Khoday

Co-Founder & Strategy

Gopal Kavalireddi

Research Head

Yashas Khoday

Co-Founder & Technology

Trinadh Kumar

Director, Compliance & Risk

Chandrakiran Bogadi

Director & Operations

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