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A Bank for the Buck – Book Review

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This is one of the most fascinating stories of corporate India. A real life story of one of India’s most highly respected financial brand, HDFC Bank. I came across this book and by the time I was done reading the reviews on the back page, I was hooked.

Tamal Badyobadhyay is an engaging writer and he has successfully managed to make the book interesting to a wide array of audience. It is not easy to make a book about banking interesting for everyone to read. If not for his writing skills, the fact-filled book would’ve been boring as hell. The content of the book is formed by the author’s experience in financial journalism, taking series of interviews of industry leaders, banking competitors, hedge fund managers and senior core members within the organization. He reveals the fascinating story behind how the bank was started, the challenges they faced and how they managed to establish India’s most successful bank by many measures. He highlights how Deepak Parekh’s strategic decisions and his relationship with his peers at RBI, Citi Bank and other global institutions like BOA played a vital role in setting the foundation and building blocks of his banking ambitions. After roping in his closed circle of friends, Deepak Parekh chooses not to be on the board of Directors of the bank as he would have to resign as a director from other companies. Instead, he uses his reach and relationships with other companies to promote relations with HDFC Bank. The story revolves around his buddy, Aditya Puri who he appoints as Managing Director of the bank under conditions of full independence. Most of the book is Aditya Puri’s journey of setting up the most valuable bank in India. There are some historic facts mentioned about the evolution of our banking industry. The details about how banking licenses were issued, HDFC Bank’s acquisitions of Times Bank and Centurion BOP and their growth strategies are all very interesting to read. The comparisons made between HDFC & ICICI were all too interesting to read. I would recommend it to finance professionals, history buffs, financial entrepreneurs and investors.

All in all, definitely worth a read!

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  • Avatar Lalit says:

    For investment, is it better than Axis and yes bank?

  • Avatar Shubh Chatterjee says:

    Do such books help in picking stocks? It takes too much time just to read about one company in this way.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      It does take time but such books give you a holistic understanding and of course, it is useful for stock picking. How else would you collect facts and information?

  • Avatar strategic investor says:

    The way you have written shows your passion Tejas. sharing knowledge so much.. Thank you appreciate it.

  • Avatar Manojrai says:

    I am an employee of HDFC Bank and I am happy to see such a detailed review written by you about our bank. I am proud to associate with HDFC and am completing 4th year. What do you think of future share price targets?

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Nice to know Manoj, Thx. We don’t really give price targets or tips on stocks. But if you do want to invest, I recommend searching for themes which contain HDFC bank. Explore

  • Avatar prabhu says:

    I am currently reading this book… and understanding why HDFC bank is HDFC bank. Thanks for the heads up on this one tejas

  • Avatar Anish says:

    I work in Vijaya bank, PSU’s should do lot more thing to compete with private banks like HDFC. Fyers nice work. I am trading with Fyers. I like your mobile application and trading platform.

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Hey Thanks Anish.. yeah for sure. Vijaya has a big distance to cover. You’d know better..

  • Avatar Uma Mahesh says:

    Well explained!! these articles helps investors to learn more about financial industry. HDFC Bank is one of the top performer in banking sector. I am looking for opportunity in investing in this stock.

    Thanks Fyers

    • Tejas Khoday Tejas Khoday says:

      Thx for reading. A lot of investors are on the sidelines. The stock never seems to correct.

  • Avatar Roshan says:

    How do you find time to read all these books?? You are CEO or advisor to Fyers?

  • Avatar Chetan says:

    I agree with your book review.. I work in Canara Bank and my colleagues and I always used to discuss about HDFC, ICICI and Yes Bank. I also read it recetly sir.

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